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exchange function

exchange function, MyStorage private area for a particular file, the feature that allows temporary access to specified users.

Tap the blue button to the right of the file.

So you can choose how to share files and select the access ticket.

The account and password to access the specified file. This account and password can be set arbitrarily. Email account is set as the address of choice is selected.

Send mail to the person you want to share. The mail address set to the address becomes an account.

The dialog is displayed when succeeding in Mail Sending.

The account and the access status for the string are displayed in the file.

The change in the setting of confirming of the access status and sharing and release can be done.

The access status and the access release of the shared file can be set.

Shared file name and account are displayed by the list. You can delete settings when you swipe file.

Tap the file, you can check the status of access. Accessed turns into the account being accessed.

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