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ServersMan@iPhone 4.2β
IPv6 addresses support!

Feature / Function

IPv6 ready!

“ServersMan” now supports total communications between IPv6 addresses
You can access to “ServersMan” devices directly from IPv6 networks. Therefore even between different users, their “ServersMan” devices are able to communicate together.

ServersMan Shell@iPhone

Equipped with “ServersMan® Shell@iPhone” Cloud Shell Application; Seamless Collaboration with Other ServersMan® Devices
ServersMan® allows for seamless access to other devices on which ServersMan® has been installed. For example, users can access and exchange files with their home PCs from iPhones.

Furthermore, it is possible to access public directories of friend’s devices in order to upload photographs or other files.

ServersMan®@DeskTop’s latest version supports ServersMan®@iPhone 4.0β. Other ServersMan® series, such as ServersMan®@Android or ServersMan®@CAS will also be updated soon.

Enhanced File-Sharing Capabilities

Enhanced File-Sharing Capabilities

More Flexibility Usability with “Upload” and “Access Ticket” Functions

ServersMan®@iPhone makes it easier to exchange large files by enabling iPhones to access and download files directly, thus eliminating the need to use complicated third-party cloud storage services.
Upload Function

Registered friends can upload files directly to users’ iPhone from the web by entering ID and password.

Recently, the size of pictures and movies has grown significantly, which made file uploading more difficult and requires some sort of cloud storage solutions. Most of current applications follow the scenario below;

  • Your friend needs to upload files to a cloud storage service first,
  • Then he informs you about files by an e-mail for example,
  • Finally, you have to download files from a cloud storage service
  • A file manager for iPhone must be downloaded and launched in order to download files from third-party cloud storage services.
  • ServersMan®@iPhone 4.0β greatly simplifies the above process:

  • Your friend uploads files to
  • A notification is displayed on your iPhone and files are automatically downloaded to the phone
  • Access Ticket Function

    Users can share selected files on their iPhones. After an access ticket is issued for chosen files, users can inform their friends about files being shared. In consequence, friends can download those files directly from iPhone by entering their ID and password.
    This process enables iPhone file sharing between you and your friends without a need for third-party cloud storage services.

    ServersMan® Intelligent CDN (Server Cache Function)

    The largest drawback concerning portable servers occurs in times of highly concentrated access, and when servers are off-line. ServersMan® Intelligent CDN (SIC) was developed to resolve these issues.

    What is SIC:
    ・ Responds when ServersMan® is off-line
    ・ Reduces the load by caching files from publicly accessible areas.

    Simple. UI

    Simple. UI & Compatible With Wide Range of Functions Realized by iOS 4

    Simple. UI
    The top screen was completely updated to improve the usability of iPhone/iPod touch. It offers optimized to the touch operation for extremely simple user interface.

    Compatible with a Wide Range of Functions Provided by iOS 4.3
    In order to allow interaction between various applications for iPhone and iPod touch that was not previously possible, now users are able to store data files including mail attachments and other applications on ServersMan®. Furthermore it is possible to save iTunes data directly into folders within ServersMan by connecting PCs with terminal using USB ports.


    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This software can be downloaded free of charge from App Store. A mail address must be provided to use ServersMan®.

    Only iPhone 3GS/4, third generation or later iPod touch, and iOS4 or later versions allow background access capability.

    Release note

    10 29 2012
    ServersMan@iPhone 4.2.2β release
    4 24 2012
    ServersMan@iPhone 4.2.1β release
    4 17 2012
    ServersMan@iPhone 4.2β release
    4 14 2011
    ServersMan@iPhone 4.0β release
    1 1 2010
    ServersMan@iPhone ver3.1.5β release
    8 15 2009
    ServersMan@iPhone ver3.0β release

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