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About ServersMan

ServersMan’s New World

ServersMan is a technology that can turn any device connected to the internet into a server, allowing you to access and control the information saved on that device.

In the future all manner of devices will connect to each other and share information. Because of this we have already reached a situation where there are not enough IP addresses to go around, and countries all over the world are preparing a move to IPv6 in order to handle this issue. ServersMan already implements IPv6, and since it already supports this next stage of the internet, you can feel confident about continuing to use the service.。

A World of Constant Connectivity

In order for devices to connect with each other, not only must you adopt IPv6 in order to be able to identify devices, but you also need a network system that goes beyond the internet and assures access. Additionally, when using so many channels great consideration must be paid to issues of security.

ServersMan has cleared all of these barriers.

The service is operational throughout the world, and ServersMan has been installed on many devices.
With what previously had to be done manually becoming automatic, and devices recognizing each other and springing into action, ServersMan aims for a world where people can use their time more effectively.