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ServersMan@iPhone Top(ver.4.0β)

ServersMan Top

1ServersMansShell@iPhone button
ServersMan other files or browse and download / upload ServersManShell Button could work.
2MyStorage button
It enters storage folder by clicking MyStorage.
3public_html button
It enters public folder by clicking public_html.
4Logout button
Log out from ServersMan network.
(under logout status, it turns to “Login” button).
5exchange button
Move the function to check the status screen viewing capabilities and share lists of files that you access by tapping the ticket.
6upload button
Go to the upload’s ability to check the status of the account and inform you tap the account for upload.
7Tool button
When you tap the camera and recorder, bump can start by choosing file publishing capabilities.
8Setting button
It switches to the page of accout display and settings.

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