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ServersMan@Android 4.1b Initialization page

Initialization page

It shows the information such as ServersMan version, local IP, emotion link IP, license.
2ServersMan FileManager
Will explain how to use this application.
The registered account information is displayed.You can modify each item by clicking them.Click the upper right Save button to save the modification.
4Twitter account
Edit options for Twitter Linkage.
5Upload account
Setting accounts for upload folder
6Auto Login
Please set it to on to let Web server start along with ServersMan startup. (default is on)
7Auto Login
Please set it to on if you want to publish Android Web server. (default is off)
8Enable Cashe
Enable cache for public_html. Period of time can be accessed even when you enable offline.
9public_html settings
Use the settings displayed on the public_html/index.html page.
10Enable IPv6
When set to On, direct access via IPv6 is possible.
You can change where to connect to.
Please set it to on if you want to save GPS information as location.html.(default is on)

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