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ServersMan, the Hall of Fame enshrined app in the famous iPhone app’s review site”AppBank”, now releases its coalition software “Scooop” It is available for all ServersMan devices.

Go to Eye-Fi website >>

If you don”t have an Eye-Fi account yet, create one.

To use Eye-Fi for the first time, create an Eye-Fi account.
If you already have an account, go to “3. Add a photo service.”
Prepare a valid email address before the set up.

Set up Eye-Fi card

Eye-Fi card enables you to send picture data automatically through Wireless LAN.
This set up is limited where you can access to an available wireless LAN.


Add a photo service

You’ll be able to share your photos on the web with this service. Click the “Add a photo service” button.


Choose “Gallery” from online photo services

Online photo (sharing) service list appears. Choose “Gallery” from the list.


Enter your ServersMan account

(With this setting,) you’ll be able to upload files to your device that ServersMan is installed.

{ServersMan Email Address}%{Node name}


ServersMan’s password


The Default storage path is “/MyStorage/”
You can change the path by adding another path to the URL.


Follow the guidance window

Follow the guidance as illustrated. This setup is limited where you can access to an available Wireless LAN.

When the setup is done, Eye-Fi automatically upload pictures to ServersMan

The setup is done. Eye-Fi now starts uploading pictures to your ServersMan.
Let’s browse pictures with your ServersMan account!


Q. Does pictures remain in my local data storage?
A.Yes. Your picutres remain in your local data storage. If you don’t want to save a picture in storage, you can change a setting.
Q. Can I use Scooop without the use of other device?
A. No, you can’t. You have to prepare other ServersMan node.

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