ServersMan HD

(forWindows) ver4.1β
2011/06/14 Release!!

■ServersMan@Desktop(forWindows) 4.1β
hardware requirements


The Cloud age of new Cloud.

Your PC can be used only by installing ServersMan as Cloud storage service and Web server. The file that exists in PC from the destination such as Net cafes and PC of the company to home can be able to be taken out, and to open contents with large capacity like put photograph and movie like the hosting server etc. borrow HP and privately by the use for instance with SOHO, etc. to the public as long as there is a browser as the homepage capacity doesn't worry while put in my PC.

〜Owned sense of security〜

For instance, there was a necessity of up-loading to the common site etc. to show it to the friend like a photograph etc. that had been taken with animation of which it took a picture with the high-definition television camera and an efficient digital camera up to now. The capacity of the server is limited, and it takes time for forwarding. Get back doesn't attach when sending it by mistake in the mail attached either. Because ServersMan@Desktop makes PC that I am using Cloud, up-loading and the copy of data can be used all being unnecessarily relieved.

〜New proposal in Cloud age〜

If ServersMan is used, data never sends, and can open the file of the size that cannot be sharing service usual like 500MB and 1TB, etc. to the public by mistake because of being at hand because capacity also uses my HDD as it is. Moreover, it is possible to open it to the public only when it is necessary to become inaccessible only because software is ended.

NEW"ServersMan" now supports total communications between IPv6 addresses

You can access to "ServersMan" devices directly from IPv6 networks. Therefore even between different users, their "ServersMan" devices are able to communicate together.

Accessed to own Cloud environment from anywhere. The file and the mail data in the personal computer of home can be easily retrieved by the cooperation of "Windows desktop search" and "Google desktop search".

The file and the mail data of a remote environment in the personal computer are instantaneously retrieved by way of a browser by cooperation with "Google desktop retrieval" and "Windows desktop search".
※ - Windows desktop search system requirements.
• Windows XP: Windows desktop search 3.0 or later
• Windows Vista, Windows 7: Already correspond

It is feeling even if away similar to in same LAN. Equipped with Cloud Switch2.0

To fix the communication route, without fail by way of Cloud Switch1.0 Emotion Link (VPN for IPv6) server of a FreeBit in the access outside LAN. In Cloud Switch2.0, it corresponded to the UPnP protocol in addition to the current connection method. As a result, the corresponding equipment is improved and if it is use, the access outside LAN is improved to the access speed considerably because the connection becomes possible directly. When the file of a large capacity like animation etc. is exchanged, it is possible to use it conveniently. Because the change is possible, the connection path can be connected according to the file by way of safer Emotion Link while using it.

Cloud Storage Service

Your personal computer can be used as cloud storage only by installing "ServrersMan@Desktop 1.2β" in the personal computer of home. The file in the data preservation area for ServersMan from the destination such as Net cafes and personal computers of the company to home can be taken out as long as there is a browser. Windows/Mac can be able not only to access but also to use it from a smart phone such as iPhone/Xperia in the seamless because it corresponds to WebDAV.

The notebook computer becomes overwhelming specs from install the hard disk of hundreds of Gbyte general compared with the storage capacity that can be used with existing cloud service now.

Your PC be the real Web server

Your personal computer can be used as Web server. For instance, a part of HDD of my personal computer can be made Web server by ServersMan for rich contents such as individual HP to have opened contents with large capacity like homepage (HP), the photograph, and the movie, etc. used with SOHO etc. to the public for which the hosting and the rental server service have been used up to now, and it open it to the public to the Internet. The operation saves a file easily in the "public_html" folder in the area of opening to the public, and selects opening to the public on a set screen.

The running cost of HP not only hangs but also there are no time etc. of up-loading because the file that the personal computer in hand has can be opened to the public as it is, and it becomes easy to manage.

It corresponds to grouping function "Scooop" that ServersMan cooperates mutually.

ServersMan achieves the world where the equipment in which ServersMan is installed cooperates mutually anytime and anywhere each other. As for "Scooop", it is offered iPhone and for Android, Windows Mobile, and i-mode, and the personal computer in which ServrersMan@Desktop is immediately installed can preserve the photograph taken with the cellular phone. Moreover, it is also possible to preserve the photograph directly from the single lens reflex etc. using Eye-Fi because it corresponds to Eye-Fi of the topic.